Make America Bern Again

Make America Bern

I thought the blog was long behind me but with the 2016 election cycle going the way it is…how could I stay away? Lots of tempting topics to talk about.

A couple weeks ago I took a road trip down with a buddy to attend a bachelor’s party in Savannah Georgia. Most people flew but I had never been south of North Carolina so I decided it was best to drive. Of course murphy’s law was in effect and blown tires, sleezy motels, odd run ins, speeding tickets, and 36 hours later we were there, but the ride down is a story for another time…

What I was thinking about during the drive of nothingness was a couple articles I read a year back about the 10 “best” counties in America. The county I currently reside in (Montgomery County, MD) was #4 and the county I was born in (Frederick County, MD) was #10 with many other counties in the MD/Northern Va region. In about a 50 mile radius you can find 7 out of 10 of the top counties, and there are literally thousands of counties in America. When I first read them I was a bit incredulous. The place where I came from is okay, sure even good. But in the top 10? Really?

As I drove some 600 miles I began to think maybe it was true. My drive down south led me into many towns and lots of…nothing. The places I saw there were a lot of people working menial jobs, prices were cheaper, which was great, but a lot of people weren’t making the money that I make in the DC bubble. There were even some people that had to had a different business in their business like a motel that was also a car shop and my favorite, a gas station that was also a day care center (licensed I’m sure).  A wider view of stats show many people are struggling as well. Not just in the south but of course the “rust belt” and many other places. This is exactly what Bernie Sanders is trying to fix.

It’s no secret that I’m supporting Bernie Sanders and spots where the economy never recovered is still felt in many places that didn’t have a lot of money to lose in the first place. Other places recovering back to pre-2008 levels and beyond. While other places are still desperate. This is part of Sander’s message about economic inequality that resonates with so many people. He’s far from a perfect candidate but he does seem to understand the vastness of poverty that hits all races, genders, and ages in many different areas of the country, we like to keep up appearances but many people are an accident away from economic devastation.

Many people are also disaffected with the political system. When President Obama took the presidency in 2009 I was ecstatic. It was my first time voting and was able to vote for someone I really admired.  Of course after the inauguration there were set backs, watered down bills, and a rightward turn that left many of his supporters scratching their heads. Candidate Obama had fire and a vision, president Obama stayed the course keeping many of his predecessor’s policies in place. He was funded by wall street and special interests and they were going to get theirs while he was in office. President Obama went so far as to try and get involved in our 3rd military conflict in the Middle East with Syria until the people (and our allies) did not give support. I didn’t know I was voting for a war monger.

Bernie on the other hand will have a hard time bowing to other interests because he is only indebted to the people, since that is only where his money is coming from. No hand outs from big banks, oil companies, or lobbyist firms. Clinton’s money is Obama’s money. Same big banks, same special interests, more of the same only she’s even wants more intervention in the Middle East than Obama. With advisers who run for profit prisons and wall street, how progressive can she be? Republicans aside, how much will she have to compromise to people who would help buy her an election?

Republicans were in power from 00-08. Things got bad. Democrats were in power from 08-16. Things got good for some and stayed bad for others. The (D) in front of Sander’s same is only for legitimacy he is a true independent at heart with well deserved scathing remarks for both parties. He is the voice of the downtrodden, the disenfranchised, and the forgotten.

Donald Trump will make his way to the nomination by suffocating his competition in the mud, bullying reporters, accosting journalists, and advocating for war crimes in the middle East in an attempt to “Make America Great Again.” I say America is great we just need to light a fire under it and bern with greatness.


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