Calming the Canceling Colbert Controversy

History is the autobiography of a mad man – Alexander Herzen


[sat-ahyuh r)


1.the use of ironysarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vicefolly, etc.
2.a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision,or ridicule.
To compete with Twitter, Facebook also has things that are #trending on the right side of their layout. I like the change, it sometimes has recent celebrity news which I glaze over but also has many news stories I’m interested in. Recently I saw the hashtag #cancelcolbert. I thought it was a joke or a stunt Colbert was doing and I must have missed. So I clicked on it and it wasn’t a joke, there is a petition, or a movement, or something that is actively trying to cancel The Colbert Report, a beloved show of mine.
If you’ve never seen the Colbert Report the entire show is satire (which unfortunately not everyone is fluent in) he plays a typical conservative blowhard pundit (See Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or “Papa bear” Bill O’Riley as originals) and lampoons them as well as many other conservatives (and liberals too) in his own flavor of satire. Emerging in 2005, people were confused as to what the show was. Was he a liberal, was he a conservative? But 9 years later, most people have it figured out…most people
Colbert has been known to press the bounds in his interviews with celebrities and politicians, statements on current events, and his racially charged characters. These aren’t really seen as much. Usually when he brings up race he says something like “Now, I don’t see race, I know that I’m white though because I shop at bed bath and beyond” or something to that extent.
So, now that we’re all caught up, why am I talking about this? Here’s the summary, I’ll get more in detail with this later. Recently, when criticizing the Washington Redskins owner Dan Synder, for their poor defense on keeping their racially insensitive name, he lampooned them by mimicking their defense with his own fake defense of a non-existent charity “Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or whatever” Ching-Dong Ding-Dong is a character he mentions when lampooning racial stereotypes, which he plays a creepy elderly Asian man who hits on his employees. Using during this skit there is a “cut” and he pretends as if the network made him apologize. It’s all tongue in cheek, and not serious.But recently the “Liberal outrage machine” as he would call it, has targeted him. Apparently he went too far in one activists mind and they want the show canceled. Someone who doesn’t understand satire, and a lot of twitter followers got their feelings hurt, and now has the audacity to demand that The Colbert Report MUST be canceled. Other conservatives (who never liked Colbert anyways) are helping it gain traction.
Is Colbert a bigot? No. Is the show going to get canceled? No. (At least I hope not) Should he have not said it? Yes, he should have!
And here’s why. The show bit and the deleted tweet that echoed it are probably not good for his PR (we’ll see on Monday if he can turn it as a positive) But there has become a pattern of people who get their feelings hurt by a comic, or a comedian during an interview, or a satirist on TV, and having the audacity to demand an apology, or want to sue them, or damage them in someway. There used to be a day when people heard something they didn’t like and then didn’t listen to that person anymore.
Most of the things that are said by comedians are said is jest. Tracy Morgan said that if his son was gay he’d kill him. And recieved huge blowback for that. Now… would Tracy Morgan really do that? No, it’s a joke. If you don’t like it, or feel personally hurt by it, then you probably shouldn’t be listening to a racy comic like him in the first place. Don’t hear about something out of context and then get all offended. That’s called self-victimization and they are the worst kind of people. People who want to be victims just so they get attention and sympathy. I find a lot of things Sean Hannity says offensive, so you know what I do? I don’t listen to him, I don’t start a campaign to get him to apologize for offending me, or rage on social media to fire him.
This is even more of a non-issue when you look at the context. Stephan Colbert was bashing Dan Snyder, who wants to keep the name of the Washington Redskins (which some people find racist) and quite franking Snyder has put forward only poor reasons to keep it and Colbert was calling him out on it. He invoked the fake Ching-Chong Ding-Dong Foundation to look at the situation from another angle. As in “what if the “Redskins” were called the Ching-Cong Ding-Dongs” or something to that extent. Yeah, more people would feel motivated to make a name change… or at least that’s his opinion. So, while he was CRITICIZING racists, and then he was pegged as one himself.
I don’t know if it’s the fact that we all feel so privileged that we have the right to feel personally victimized by a joke, or we’ve just lost sight of what comedy and satire is. Maybe we can create a new hashtag? #StandWithStephan
Here’s a link to the original clip:

Legalize all drugs – The New Drug War

History is the autobiography of a mad man – Alexander Herzen


I think all drugs should be legal. There, I said it.

Yes, all drugs, from tobacco, marijuana, heroin, peyote, DMT, Meth, everything.

Am I crazy? Probably, but there’s a method to my madness. Imagine if heroin was legal, are you going to go an run out with glee to buy a syringe, learn how to inject it, and shoot up? I know I sure as hell wouldn’t. I doubt you would too. Are people going to go drug crazy because they can do them now? I’ve only heard 1 person that has told me that they would only try weed if it was legal, and my guess is that he just used it as an excuse to say no. People who want to do drugs now do them, maybe not as often as they’d like, but they can still get their hands on drugs. Making drugs legal would not dramatically increase the use of them.

But that’s not even my main point. We have been fed drug propaganda for decades. And who funds most of them? The Partnership for a Drug Free America… a pharmaceutical company. The make commercials like this:

The drug free America partnership…makes drugs but apparently wants America to be free from drugs. They would rather you only consume their drugs. A drug free America is a scary place. No pain killers, no flu shots, aspirin, or penicillin. Drugs have saved lives. The only difference between a drug and a medicine is legalization. Coldeeze™ is good, but Budlight™ is bad, right?

Now you may argue that pharmaceutical drugs have gone throug testing phases and are approved by a governmental organization and are safe, other drugs are illegal because they are bad for you. Which, couldn’t be further from the truth.  It seems like we have more prescription drugs now than ever. Every commercial that comes on TV is a prescription drug ad. I can’t watch TV for four minutes without thinking I have five serious diseases. The show cuts to a commercial and I hear “Do you ever wake up tired in the morning?” And I think Yes… Oh my God I have this, I need to write this down. Whatever it is, I have it. Half the time I don’t even know what the commercial is. It’s people running in fields, flying kites, taking baths on mountains, or swimming in the ocean. I’m like that is the greatest disease ever. How do you get that? That disease comes with a hot chick and a puppy. And then, as if the commercial isn’t insane enough, after it lures you in with this attractive person doing awesome things, then it has this fast voice over telling you that this medicine can give you all these other illnesses. At the end the fast talking voice over says something “people taking _________ make experience dry mouth, diarrhea, constipation, unexplained weight gain, memory loss, dizziness when standing, and in extreme cases stroke or death”

How is that safe? How, I might become constipated and get a stroke, if I take this, but at least I could get rid of my headaches. Or as Rich Vos puts it…

So no, pharmaceutical drugs are not safe. And I’ll even concede that some illegal drugs can harm you as well…but I’ll get to that later.

But back to the propaganda. We’ve been led to believe that drugs are illegal because we as humans can not be trusted to make rational decisions on regarding what we put in our body. We have to leave those decisions in the hands of some benevolent government, which never helped moneyed interests (like pharmaceutical companies) or makes a wrong decision…

Marijuana for example was made illegal, with the help of the movie “Reefer madness” where a bunch of good natured teens go crazy after trying weed. The smoke is colored and it’s absurdly funny. It was made by a religious leader and seen by relatively a small number of people until a movie producer found it and put it on the big screen. It’s seen now as a hilarious unreal depiction of people that are high. In reality the smoke isn’t green, it doesn’t make people evil, or hyper. It makes you hungry and sleepy for an afternoon.

Not only that it has chemicals that help with those who have seizures, with parkinsons, cancer, as painkillers and more. Side effects? Like I said you’re sleepy and hungry. Better sleep aide than Lunesta™.

The marijuana hallucinogens have a long history of falsehood. They were thought to take “scoops” out of your brain and can be harmful in large doses (but then again everything is bad in large doses) but studies have shown that soldiers returning from war and suffer from PTSD have shown remarkable benefits from certain hallucinogens. From not being able to be in crowds, to freaking out at every loud noise, and now being able to live good and productive lives. People living with depression, schizophrenia and other mental disorders are also shown to have been positively affected by drugs like mushrooms, DMT, Iowaska, and MDMA.

“Happy pills” and other anti-depressants have a whole host of possible adverse side effects from feeling “in a haze” to “numb” and “not like themselves.” And why should they? It’s an artificial feeling. Unless there is a diagnosed chemical imbalance of serotonin and dopamine, there is little synthetic  pharmaceuticals can do compared to natural substances.

Marijuana, hallucinogens… even alcohol is shown that in moderation is good for the heart.

Besides the lies and the medicinal benefits, there’s also a common sense reason. We jail people who just want to use drugs. Take California for example, they have around 160,000 inmates who are incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses. With prison guard salaries, medical treatment, food…ect the cost for ONE inmate in California is around $19,600 a year. Just 1. Now do the math with me… 160,000 x 19,600 = (drumroll) $3,136,000,000 per year just incarcerate people who do drugs. Those millions of dollars could be spent for education, on infrastructure, on R&D, or lowering taxes! And that’s just one state, other states also spend millions of dollars incarcerating drug users.

And just a side note, most drugs come from or go through Mexican cartels which have destabilized their country. We’re spending money to lock up people who are spending American money from drug cartels in Mexico. So… we can produce and sell drugs here and MAKE MONEY as well as stabilizing Mexico’s government or… LOSE money and make our neighbor to the south more destabilized. Shouldn’t be a hard decision.

Colorado and Washington are set to make over 1 Million in tax revenue from marijuana, not to mention all the jobs that are created from the dispensaries, and money that is NOT going to terrorist cartels.

So now maybe you’re sold on marijuana, and maybe even hallucinogens, but you may still be wondering, ALL drugs? Certainly meth, heroin, cocaine and others aren’t beneficial!? And you’re right they’re not. But again, instead of locking these people up, we can help them. Fund housing projects and rehab centers to get people clean, stay clean, and become productive people. Many addicts I’ve researched are good people beneath their addiction. It can’t be more than 19k a year to help people instead of jail them right?

Maybe a fully legalized world would be a much pleasant world… or maybe it’s just a pipe dream…

Hay-wired culture

History is the autobiography of a mad man – Alexander Herzen


I’m sure you’ve heard the quote from Einstein on Insanity, that it is, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This could also be said of humanity or of history. The entire history of humanity shows that we do the same thing over and over again, always expecting a different result. Or more accurately, that we know what is the smart idea for sustainability but powers that be choose sort sighted solutions. Here’s a couple examples.

I drove past a giant house yesterday that had almost it’s entire roof made up of solar panels. I had to gawk at it since I’ve never seen anything like it. With the amount of sun the United States gets you’d think that more would be seen. Instead, Germany leads the world in solar energy, despite getting considerably less sunlight than America. If this house can do it why not more? We are hard at work fighting for a pipeline that goes from America to Canada to extract oil from their “tar sands.” Tar sands are the dirtiest spots for oil to come from and if that pipe has a crack or a burst then the effects on the natural habitat the pipe would run though would be catastrophic.

So… pipeline of dirty oil = good                    and mainstreaming solar energy = bad

It’s pretty clear to most people that man made climate change is happening. 97-99% of scientists agree, NASA agrees, the weather channel agrees, Nat. Geo. agrees. Were getting on average colder winters and hotter summers. Droughts and fires are more prevalent in the South and West. However, climate deniers will still point to the 1-3% of scientists who are funded by oil companies as saying “hey scientists are divided.” To which, I reply BULLLLLLLL SHIT! To deny our climate is changing is to hasten it’s change. It’s to not accept that we’re changing it and then not having to do something about it. It we admitted it was happening then the big bad government would have to do something about it. And if the government gets involved it’s probably going to be bad. That’s the line of their thinking. To preventing the government from getting involved spells more droughts, more wild fires, more blizzards more “Sandys” and more heat waves.

So…. government is worse than environmental disasters

I’ve also recently started to be concerned with what we put into our body. We are engineering our food for the best taste. And who’s to say that is bad? If Cheetos from the 90’s taste okay and Cheetos from 2014 taste AMAZING then how can that be anything other than good? It’s because of what is added. We’re adding chemicals to our food for every reason imaginable. To color them a certain way, to give greater shelf life, for better taste, it’s cheaper than natural ingredients…etc Most of these chemicals are less than a decade old and who knows their long term effects? Is eating foods with high-fructose corn syrup really better for you than sugar 50 years down the road? Maybe. Maybe another chemical is worse? We just figured out that gluten from bread isn’t the best thing to eat, and we’ve been eating bread for millenniums.  One thing is sure though is that we eat much worse than we do now. Hmmm food tasting better, us eating more, heart disease is a #1 killer… anyone else see a connection?

The reason why I brought up those 3 topics is for a greater point. Our culture is destroying evolution. What I mean by that is as humans we have always had one thing. Our brain stem. It is responsible for our most important aspects of life. Breathing, heart rate, blood flow, our urges to eat and mate, and other traits necessary for our survival. It is our primal brain. The part of the brain that we share with other primates. What separates us from our hairy cousins is our pre-frontal cortex or fore brain. This is the part that allows for culture to develop and the part that has over evolved. A culture of greed and short term solutions has seemed to be the #1 thing we think of these days thanks to our fore brain. It’s the part that lies behind our foreheads and is overriding our brain stems, which makes decisions based on survival. It clearly makes more sense to mainstream solar energy, to curb climate change, and to eat better foods. But our frontal cortex’s want pleasure, want money, want short term fixes. Short term fixes are the fore brains specialty. As long as it’s happy, the body is happy.

It seems as if Americans have a country wide cognitive dissonance. Wanting both climate change to go away without any reductions in pollution, wanting to eat like a pig and be healthy. Don’t we all? But that’s not going to happen. Taking down giants like obesity (no pun intended) climate change, or our dependence on oil takes hard work, tough choices, and sacrifice. It’s pretty clear what will happen if we do nothing. We’ll get fat, continue to pollute, and our oceans will rise. We need to overcome our frontal brains and think of the long term consequences. Otherwise our culture will be our demise and then all the money that we made won’t mean a thing.

The Masks We Wear

History is the autobiography of a mad man – Alexander Herzen


In today’s society we were 2 types of masks.

I have a friend of mine who I often have a drink or two or six with. As young 20 somethings we often talk about how to avoid the corporate 9-5 cubicle lifestyle where you work for the weekends and come home to maybe a sitcom and your favorite Ben and Jerry’s. Avoiding that while still making money to live independently. I’m sure it isn’t that bad for people living it but we have to hype it up to something so bad so motivation to avoid it.

One day he told me “You have to give up part of yourself to work in (whatever job it was) to survive there” I couldn’t have disagreed more. In the past year I’ve been a desk worker, coach, summer camp counselor, maintenance man, youth ministry director, manny (male nanny), and teacher. Work attire has consisted from sweat pants – suits and ties and everywhere in between. So I’ll ask you the question was I the “realest” when I was an

A) teacher
B) desk worker
C) coach
D) maintenance worker
E) other

The answer is all of them. I simply wore different “masks” or some people call them “hats” I don’t want to work for a job where I have to kill part of my personality, luckily I don’t believe there are many jobs that will do that…unless I run for public office or something sensitive like that. I can wear my counselor mask and attire during that job and my teacher mask and attire during that job. Neither mask requires much effort to put on or take off. The changes are few and slight. Small changes like appropriateness, responsibilities, and stress. I am who I am through and through.

That is mask 1

The 2nd mask that people wear is a much heavier mask. Emotional masks, masks that completely hide the form that is behind it, masks that require large amounts of time to wear effectively. Unfortunately this is the one that most people choose to wear. They need to completely become someone else to survive in their job, country club, group of friends, and sometimes even within their own family. Where they can only truly be themselves whilst drinking, by themselves, or with a select people/person.

Take another friend I have. He went to the local state college and wound up with a massive amount of debt (per usual) he wants to do something outdoors but when he was 18 he knew he was good with computers so traded debt for a computer programming degree. Now he’s out of school and “luckily” has found a programming job. He’s a shy guy and since he’s new he has several bosses all critiquing his work and blasting him for the slightest error. He has to wear this mask. He can’t say what he would like to say, he can’t quit to peruse something more fun but less lucrative (all that debt) he has to come to a job he hates every day to pay for a degree that he doesn’t want to use. He HAS to become someone else to survive that. Millions of other Americans do too.

A recent study has shown that now 1 in 10 Americans take anti-depressants. Or in other words 31 million Americans. Another 47 million of Americans are alcoholics. Another 78 million Americans (1 in 5) admit to abusing pain medication (and that’s just those who admit it. The number should be much higher considering 131 million Americans are given pain medication and Americans use 99% of the world’s Vicodin supply)

So just using those 3 number 31+47+78 = 156 million Americans. I’m not including the numbers of junkies who are addicted to other drugs prescription or otherwise. So it’s easy to say over 1/2 of Americans have or have had some kind of addiction problem. Addiction to a drug that takes them out of this world and into another. I’m not saying that drugs are bad, addiction is bad though. If you can’t function because of a drug, then it’s a problem.

Why do we have to have to depend on drugs to leave our state of consciousness? Because of the 2nd type of masks. Compared to other Western and Industrialized nations we are: 6th in opiate addiction and 1st in depression.

Are we overly stressed, are we not accepted? We construct masks made of Vicodin™ Zoloft™ and Prozac™ Or are we just overly anxious, considering 40 more Americans have anxiety disorders.

These masks are defensive in nature, and exist for many reasons.
We don’t want to “rock the boat” so we take some medication to prevent us from saying how we feel
We don’t want to disappoint our parents so we make choices that make them happy and ourselves miserable.
We aren’t accepted by our peers for a portion of time so we kill that pain

Those are just 3 but I’m sure there are countless others. And please don’t think I’m trying to pick on those are have neurological chemical imbalances and need medication to feel okay. Those are completely different than those who take drugs either to self medicate or have neurological problems based on their environment. And with so many reasons for masks. It begs the question:

What mask do you wear?

Mouth Pleasures

History is the autobiography of a mad man – Alexander Herzen


Do you know what the number 1 thing America export? I’ll tell you at the end of the post but consider the following:

I’ve got a business comparison for you. I want to make one of two businesses. Should I open a business called. Paul’s Peas. Where I will sell peas obviously but also carrots, lettuce, cabbage, corn, and other assortments of leafy greens, nuts, and all are organic products and lean meat?

Or I could open a McDonald’s franchise.

Which one would you think I could make more money with?

Unless you live in a really affluent cosmopolitan area, the answer is almost always going to be McDonald’s.

WHY?! Why is that?! The answers on the surface is obvious. The food is cheap, the food comes fast, and the food is delicious.

And that food

Not just McDonald’s but almost all fast food. And in moderation, it’s okay to have. While McDonalds BY FAR is the most popular it’s all the same. Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendys… they all just sell you things that YOU KNOW is bad for you. But that little fact seems to not stack up well with the fact that it’s cheap, fast, and filling.

And the ramifications are obvious. Heart disease is on the rise, fat little kids are walking around, (at least their walking) and obesity is being seen as an epidemic! Like it’s malaria! Like I’ll have my grandchildren gathered around me and telling them about the obesity epidemic of the 2000’s and they’ll ask, “what was it like grandpa?!” and I’ll answer “oh it was horrible Timmy, there were cheeseburgers and milkshakes everywhere!”

Why wouldn’t my other business venture wouldn’t be as profitable? People don’t like salads as much, or vegetables. People don’t want to eat things that are good from them because the mouth pleasure they get from leafy greens than fatty beef. I enjoy vegetables but just because I do and some others do, doesn’t mean that I could sell them as cheaply as McDonald’s food, nor will it fill people as long as fast food. Most fresh markets and whole foods operate like grocery stores.

I wonder if it’s all about the presentation though. If I make a green M and sell variations of salads, lean meat, organic drinks…ect where someone could go up and say “Hi, I’ll take a #14 (the salmon burger) meal (comes with chips and a soda with cane sugar instead of corn syrup) with a side salad with Mandarin oranges.

Would that work? Or would it be too expensive, would it lose value if it could be served? Is the fact that these foods cost more make this scenario a fantasy? Fast food chains have clearly found something that works and can be done cheaply: A combination of beef/chicken, cheese, lettuce, bread, condiments, fries, and a soda.

Not only is that when they serve but it’s always the worst form of these ingredients. Even fast food salads are filled with fat and calories.

Not only does it work in America but…it’s part of our #1 export: Culture.
Fast food has become part of our culture and it is becoming part for other countries. KFC’s are popping up in China, McDonalds serve kosher beef in Israel. It’s a cultural change and one that proves to be suicidal. Suicide is from a mental disease. Why it is not seen as something mentally ill to eat food that is awful for you just because it’s fast, cheap, and filling, is beyond me. Try eating McDonalds for a week, then don’t eat it for a month, then eat it again. You’ll feel sick. AND YOU’LL STILL FINISH IT! It’s all because we have this infatuation with mouth pleasures, we put that above our health.

We changed our culture from eating a balanced diet to just eating fast food slush into our mouths and mouths and we can change it back. Think logically, eat things that will enhance your life, not limit it. If you have to cook a chicken and chop it into your salad do that, drink something less than 2% milk. Have some effing discipline on your life so that YOU control how it looks instead of letting others. Give in the pleasures of traveling, being outside, and enjoying others, instead of the sick pleasures of the mouth.

The War on Boys

History is the autobiography of a mad man – Alexander Herzen


When I was 4 years old (In 1994) my favorite show was power rangers. I loved the fake Kung Fu, good guys winning, and idolized the Red Ranger, Jason. In fact when walking with my sister (who liked candy) and my mother one way, an old lady came and asked us our names. I authoritatively told her it was Jason, my sister said “Candy,” and my mother was too mortified to correct us.

It also became clear that I wasn’t the only boy who loved the show. Another day, while walking in a nearby park with my mother I saw a kid about my age and our eyes met and I told my mom “I have something to do” and we played “power rangers” and had some sort of fake Kung Fu (non touching) fight with each other. We tired ourselves out, and when back to our respective parents.

No cops were called for an assault in progress, I was not checked for my well being afterwards. It was just boys being boys.

Something of which, is being seen less and less of in modern culture. I believe there is a war on young boys.

There used to be a saying that “boys will be boys” but that is no longer the case in many classrooms across the country. Everything from chewing a pop tart into a gun to pretending to play solider has been tried to do away with.

Psychologists have shown that the “play” that many young boys have is natural and helps stimulate their imagination, problem solving strategies, creativity, and overall cognitive functions. Show me a man who has never envisioned themselves as a superhero, cowboy, solider, or a hero that saves the day I will show you a liar.

A fact that the world has suddenly seemed “uncomfortable” by is that young boys like to PRETEND to be violent. Whether it’s like the play fight I did when I thought I was a power ranger, or holding my finger like a gun and going “peechu peechu” like I was a cowboy, there is no intimidate threat at the time, nor will it mean that I will be the next Ted Bundy.

“Zero tolerance” school policies are the biggest culprit. Zero tolerance on drugs and weapons may seem like a good idea. They say that if any student brings a drug or weapon into school there is an immediate expulsion and possible criminal charges. Besides, who wants to send their child to a school that condones drugs or weapons? But what these policies seem to do is hurt good kids and derail their education. I won’t rattle off ALL the stories I’ve heard but here a few synopses.

  • A 9th grader in Virginia, expelled for “shooting” a classmate… with spitballs
  • 3rd Grader in Virginia, expelled for having a gun… a 2 inch LEGO gun because he idolized his cop who is a father
  • 4th Grader in Rhode Island, expelled for wearing a hat glorifying guns…small guns with soldiers and an American flag.
  • 3rd grader in NJ, not just expelled, but charged for “intimidating another student with a firearm” a NERF gun that fires ping pong balls
  • 8th grader was suspended for wearing a rosary because it was mistaken for “gang attire”
  • 1st grader sent to 45 days in remedial school for bringing his boy-scout utensil to school that had a fork, knife, and spoon
  • A 1st grader is being charged as a sex offender for kissing the hand and cheek of another female student. After the hearing he was hear asking “Mommy, what is sex?”
  • 1st grader in Oklahoma, suspended for making his fingers like a gun
  • 7th grader wrote a “scary” story for a class about someone who shot up a school. After receiving a passing grade for the descriptive story spent a week in jail.
  • 8th grader in Virginia who accepted breath mints, was sent to a drug and substance class
  • Kindergartners were suspended for 3 days after playing a game of cops and robbers for recess one day and using their fingers as guns.
  • 7th grader brought flour for a science project and was jailed for a felony possession of a controlled substance.

I could go on and on but you get the point.These school punishments and criminal proceedings are not only a waste of time and silly. But they are fundamentally detrimental to these boy’s education and psychological well-being. These repercussions go far beyond the point of “drugs and violence are bad”

It’s also incredibly hard to come back to a normal school after coming back from a criminal charge and an expulsion. And while some of these are clear misunderstandings of mints of flour for drugs, it’s still a show of imagination. I can’t tell you the number of times that a friend or I had gum or mints or something and we jokingly pretended it was a shady drug deal when we shared. Not that we actually wanted to deal drugs, it was just our imagination.

As a kid, friends and I used all types of things as guns, from bananas, Legos, boxes, and our fingers. We expressed our natural aggression through being soldiers or through war like games. It was something that boys (and some girls) played all the time. We got our natural aggression out in ways that were not harmful, but creatively.

Conversely, students that engage in bullying, and do drugs and violence out of school, or who skip class are not given even close to the level of repercussions. When asked by a Vice Principal if I could handle doing in class discipline for a student who was chronically skipping my class. I was shocked. I told the administrator that it’s hard since she never comes to my class…(and wanted to remind her that it was her job to deal with students who skipped class)

Zero-tolerance policies have created this “war on boys” and a whole generation of false criminals and juvenile delinquents. Boys will no longer feel that they are acting like good kids. A child that is told they are bad will act bad and a child they are told they act good will be good. They live up to their expectations more than not. They also will learn to fear their imagination and become dull thinkers and will suffer with slower cognition. The quicker these harmful and frankly anti-education policies, get repealed the better.

Cold War part deux?

History is the autobiography of a mad man – Alexander Herzen


History is also cyclical too, is it not? In 2014 we as Americans are closer to nuclear war than we have been in decades. Perhaps, not since the Cuban Missile Crisis, and it because of our own fault.
I wasn’t planning to write about this, I had something general planned about leaders and authority but sometimes things come along that I feel the need to comment on. And I think the possible annihilation of humans is interesting. 

Here’s some history and some background for anyone that has been living under a rock.

1949 – NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is created to make an alliance between democratic countries against the U.S.S.R.
1955 – The Warsaw Pact is created to combat NATO and ally communist countries
1991- The Soviet Union collapses and the U.S. promises not to add countries in Eastern Europe to NATO. Warsaw Pact dissolves. 
1991-2014 NATO grows bigger and bigger and includes some former Soviet territories like Latvia, Albania, and soon the Ukraine.
2014 – Nationalist protesters in Ukraine protest the government who wanted to have closer ties with Russia. The leader is ousted. Russia invades Crimea, a small part of the Ukraine

Also, being a part of NATO means that an attack on any country is seen as an attack on all countries. So yes, an attack on Latvia by the Russians means that essentially it’s the same as an attack on New York City. I say count your blessings that the Ukraine was never formally added or we’d be in WWIII right now.

A recent string of conservative memes (I hate memes) have come out recently fueled by neoconservatives lambasting the president for acting to “cowardly” in handling Russia’s president Vladimir Putin. 

Putin is not mentally there. With his countless shirtless hunting trips, jailing all dissent, his robotic clapping at the Olympics…the man is not mentally sound. THIS is the man that conservatives are hailing as the anti-Obama. The “real” man who does as he pleases and makes Obama look impotent.

They compare Reagan’s “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” statement as the pinnacle of American superiority and Obama as a coward…when you don’t consider the historical context it works.

However, Reagan said those lines at a time when it was clear the U.S.S.R. was falling. It’s easy to give demands to a country that is crumbling and cannot defend its actions.

Russia is not crumbling in 2014. They just had the Olympics! It wouldn’t say it’s the height of civilization but certainly not becoming a defunct country any time soon. And for Obama to start giving demands to Putin will be futile, hostile, and give no benefit to us. Sending troops in…to combat the largest land army (Russia’s Army) doesn’t work either. Nor do stealth bombers, spies, counter insurgents…anything.    

Obama is only doing what cold war presidents have done.
When faced with tanks rolling into Hungary in 1955 what did President and General Eisenhower do? Nothing.
What did LBJ do when Russia suppressed the Prague Spring in 1966? Nothing

There is little when you can do when dealing with Russia. This is not a war on terror situation where you are going after individuals and organizations. This is a conflict with another country, a country with nukes, a country with an insane leader who used to hunt spies. 

The Ukraine will not become autonomous. Russia relies on their crops, the Ukraine relies on Russia’s gas energy supply. Neither can afford to lose each other despite the success the nationalist protesters in Ukraine are having.

 So let me ask you what you are willing to go to war for? What you are going to nuclear war for? For the sake of Ukraine? For the sake of Latvia, if Russia decides to invade there? 

And I not asking what would be worth a war where a few thousand Americans die like in Afghanistan and Iraq.
What would be worth a war that threatens the very existential future of our planet and our species existence…